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In my years of travel and dee-jaying in numerous different churches, I have seen and heard the same types of music being played at Christian events- and they are playing what they call GOSPEL remixes. Hence the reason why the Lord has compelled me and helped to create Flash Drive Mix tape Ministry!

TRUTH: What’s being played is music of artists that’s been remixed with mainstream Hip-Hop or R&B, by simply placing Jesus’ name in the songs.

They are keeping the same flow, same hook, same rhythm there is NOTHING DIFFERENT about the song; Jesus’ name is just being added in the songs.

The problem that I have with this, is that the music is STILL embedded with the original version of the music that the young people are still hearing. You may think that you are helping but you are not!  You are giving them the best of BOTH WORLDS, but you are not giving them a CHOICE… and it is my sincere prayer and goal for them to CHOSE CHRIST!!!

Deuteronomy 30:19

I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against youthat I have set before you lifeand death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;


One choice is DEATH and the other is LIFE. The world is constantly offering death, and CAMOFLAUGING the truth of God’s word through what they called “Christian” remixes. The church is to be the place where you are to offer Christ and life, through CHRISTIAN-GOSPEL remixes!

You may be saying to yourself, what does he mean by this?

This is what I mean:

Music is very powerful!  Let’s just talk about the BEATS. We as Christians know that the devil was in charge of music.

Ezekiel 28:12-19The Message (MSG)

11-19 God’s Message came to me: “Son of man, raise a funeral song over the king of Tyre. Tell him, A Message from God, the Master:

“You had everything going for you.
You were in Eden, God’s garden.
You were dressed in splendor,
your robe studded with jewels:
Carnelian, peridot, and moonstone,
beryl, onyx, and jasper,
Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald,
all in settings of engraved gold.
A robe was prepared for you
the same day you were created.
You were the anointed cherub.
I placed you on the mountain of God.
You strolled in magnificence
among the stones of fire.
From the day of your creation
you were sheer perfection . . .
and then imperfection—evil!—was detected in you.
In much buying and selling
you turned violent, you sinned!
I threw you, disgraced, off the mountain of God.
I threw you out—you, the anointed angel-cherub.
No more strolling among the gems of fire for you!
Your beauty went to your head.
You corrupted wisdom
by using it to get worldly fame.
I threw you to the ground,
sent you sprawling before an audience of kings
and let them gloat over your demise.
By sin after sin after sin,
by your corrupt ways of doing business,
you defiled your holy places of worship.
So I set a fire around and within you.
It burned you up. I reduced you to ashes.
All anyone sees now
when they look for you is ashes,
a pitiful mound of ashes.
All who once knew you
now throw up their hands:
‘This can’t have happened!
This has happened!’”


So, this is why listening to music alone, bring different types of emotions.

Now let’s talk about the LYRICS. Many artists speak about what they’ve been through or what they are going through.  Others talk about (fun, happiness, uplifting experiences, death, drugs, sex, party, violence ETC).


Now bring ALL of these emotions and join them with BEATS… what do you get?

When you have GOSPEL remixes and they are emanating the original song, you still have the emotions of the song. This is so because the message, of CHRIST, is embedded in the music, and made for the sole purpose of feeding and winning the souls of people.

I know that sometimes pastors, youth pastors and youth leaders are just UNAWARE that there is GREAT CHRISTIAN/GOSPEL music out there!


Pastors, youth pastors and youth leaders- you NOW have a way to get your youth the RIGHT music. Music that will offer LIFE and not DEATH!

I will send you a jump drive with over 30 mix tapes which means over a thousand songs. Mix tapes include different styles of Gospel music (Hip Hop, Rhythm & Praise, House, Dance, Rock, Worship.EDM, and Reggae)


If you are in need of a jump drive please e-mail djirockjesus@gmail.com and provide your contact information and it will be sent to you totally FREE- NO CHARGE!


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