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 A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in association with LifeLight Communications, which produces the SonRise Music Festival. We are a Christ-centered, Bible-believing and prayer-minded team that desires for God to be the center of life in Hampton Roads.
(Colossians 1)


Dee-1 is being Tested

Lupe Fiasco tested Dee-1 by cursing on 'Against Us' remix 


Lupe Fiasco concluded his verse on Dee-1's remix of his 3's Up single, "Against Us", by rapping, "My kind and they logic is like 99 of their problems with no b—-," Dee-1 told STASHED. 

"[Lupe] knows that I don’t curse and that I don’t have profanity in my music. … He said that and came out of the booth," Dee-1 said.

However, listeners of this remix, which also featured Big K.R.I.T., know Lupe's lyrics were as clean as Dee-1's. That's because Dee-1 asked him to re-record.

"I’ve struggled in the past with existing in this industry," Dee-1 said. "I wanted to be different. I feel it in my heart to be different. I’m still of this, but I want to show that I can come from this and be different. It’s a struggle sometimes when you collaborate with people who might not adhere to what my vision is or they curse in their music, so they’re just like, 'Whatever.' So I’ve had trouble speaking up in the past about that because I don’t want to tarnish my relationships with people. I actually tried to speak up about certain collabs that I was on the verge of doing, and it’s always led to tension or friction with the artist and me.

"With Lupe, I’m like, 'Oh boy, here we go [laughs]. Do I speak up and create this awkward moment in the studio or do I let it ride?'

"I decided to speak up, and we had a little conversation about it, and he was cool with removing it. That Instagram post [below] came from real live footage of us kicking it, of us seeing each other after a few months. We talked about the collaboration. He was telling someone else at the time, 'He don’t know it, but I cursed on his record on purpose just to see what he would do.' I think he was testing me to see how strong are my convictions, and what I believe in, even when it’s not convenient. Even when it’s not the convenient thing for me to speak up, and speak what’s on my heart, and about what my true mission is, will I do it? And I did it with one of the most difficult people to do it with. He’s a man I look up to in a lot of ways."

Dee-1 Criticized for Lupe Fiasco & Big K.R.I.T. Feature on 'Against Us Remix'


Dee-1 spoke to Rapzilla about the “Against Us Remix,” collaborating, and receiving criticism for working with non-Christian artists. 

The emcee said every collaboration is built out of “friendship.” He said the industry hook up stuff was not for him, and he rather deal on a personal level. 

He said Lupe Fiasco views him as a little brother and has been to house in New Orleans. “he’s done stuff for me that I’d rather not say on camera.” 

Watch the interview below:

DJ I Rock Jesus Chill Out Series





Benjamin Leroy Thom (born April 20, 1983, who goes by the stage name Benjah) is an American writer, producer, engineer, and artist, who primarily works within Hip Hop, Pop, and Reggae music. He has released five studio albums, Filtered in 2009, The Break-Up in 2011, Vanity Fare in 2013, Haze & Reflections (vanity fare remixed) in 2014, and Motives in 2015.

His music recording career began in 2003 after graduating Fullsail in Orlando, Florida. He started out as an engineer and very quickly grew into a producer. Throughout the years of working he started to help artist write hooks and eventually grew into his own as an artist. In 2009, Benjah recorded his first studio album, Filtered, that was released by Infinity Music Group, on June 1, 2009.[6]

The next album was a co-release with Dillavou, Lov'd Ones, on November 16, 2010, with Jahmen Music Group.[6] He released, The Break-Up, on September 27, 2011, with Jahmen Music Group in association with 220 Entertainment and Capitol CMG.[7][8][9][10] His subsequent studio album, Vanity Fare, was released on March 19, 2013, from Jahmen Music Group alongside Capitol CMG.[11][12] The album was his breakthrough release upon the Billboard magazine charts, where it placed at No. 12 on the Gospel Albums and No. 43 on the Heatseekers Albums chart.[13] He released, a remix album, Haze & Reflections: Vanity Fare Remixed, on November 5, 2013.[14] This remix album charted on two Billboard magazine charts the Reggae Albums at No. 3 and Gospel Albums at No. 41.[13] His fifth studio album, Motives, was released on November 13, 2015, while it charted on two Billboard magazine charts, Christian Albums at No. 42 and Heatseekers Albums at No. 18.[13]

Let Go Mixtape

Let go Banner copy

Here is a mix tape that was made with the help of the Holy Spirit a couple of months ago. Let It Go Mix tape is for the  people know that they need to let go the drugs, pain, hatred, hurt, guilt, Un forgiveness, abuse & ect,but today it was made just for me .I woke up this morning still dealing with the hurt and pain of the passing of my wife.

April is the month that she died it’s been 6 years since her passing but every time this month comes around the hurt and pain hits me hard. Well this morning I was in bed trying to get up but just wanting to lay there in the dark thinking about how she died and the way she looked when she died and how I felt when she died.

Mad about how I lost my best friend and how I have to start over and how it’s been for me not having sex and how some of my friends walk away or lied on me or how pastors that I talk to about what I was dealing with the passing of Renee and how they lied.

I was dealing with so many emotions this morning.
I heard this still voice say listen to let it Go Mix tape. So I put it on and start listen to it and every song was speaking to me I start hearing Jesus saying to me ( Let it all go, Let it all Go, Let it all go ) .I started crying out to God ( I GIVE YOU ALL THIS PAIN,HURT,SHAME,ANGER UN FORGIVENESS, TO YOU ! ) over and over.
When I finish listen to the mix tape I felt so free I began to remember the good times I had with Renee.
I started remembering all the great things we shared and I started to feel so alive it seems like I could see so clearly Now.
So if you are going through anything today please go get this mix tape . It may not be for you but it maybe I don’t know but I know it was for me today.

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