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B Smith Presents My Conscious Battle

BJ-17 Born on April 9, 1987 in Los Angeles, California.  I was raised by a single mother with my older sister. At the age of 8 like most kids in my hood i was adopted into gang life. I learned about death and crime at a very young age witnessing murder and robberies. Luckily at the age of 9 my mother moved our family away from the mean streets of South Central and brought us to Decatur, Georgia.

 I started rapping my senior year of high school where i attended Cedar Grove High school with a couple of friends Don Russell and Chris Elijah in a group called Cashflow. A few years later while attending Savanah State University I chose to get away from secular music and begin telling my testimony and glorifying the word of God, with my first mixtape. I Rise From Darkness(2014).


 Dalifespeaker known "Todd Walker"(Ceo of "TNT production & Photography) Grew up in an small town called Gibsonville in North Carolina. Dalifespeaker has had the privileged to open up and share the same stage with old school main stream artist such as Kwame and Chubb Rock.

Inspired by Artist such as  Datruth,Lacrae,JGivens and Nathan Feuerstein "NF". With banging hits such as Not finished, Original Hip-Hop and Self-Control. Dalifespeaker is currently releasing his third/Junior Mixtape "Self-Control" bringing back "real" Hip-Hop and Good Music. For Contact or Bookings Please email For updates on events/concerts tune in to dalifespeaker Facebook Fan page http://

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Gospel Rapper Pookie wit the Uzi

 About Non – Prophet Mix Tape

New One

The title is a play on words. Non – Profit meaning Im giving you my artwork for free. Prophet comes from the biblical sense of the word.  This is his first project since Psalms 33:3 (Songs of Izreal) was releases August 29, 2014, his debut to christian hip hop. "I'm a G** ( Psalms 82:6)" which featured on Rapzilla's UP NEXT was his first single after the project followed by "Blessed", It has 33:3 feel  with guest appearances from his cousin DL and producer 704beatsbyalexj/Alex J.  

About Pookie wit tha Uzi 

 image5    It is very rare for  minorities classified as criminals and convicts to reform into model citizens. Christian / Gospel Rapper Pookie wit the Uzi aims to change statistics. Society has labeled the new coming christian rap artist as a : gangbanger affiliated with the 9-trey Blood gang (STG) out of Brooklyn, NY, a drug-dealer, a thug, a criminal, ex-con, and a outcast menace to society. Adrian "Pookie" Logan was arrested on OCT 26, 2006 and charged with 5 felonies.

(maintaining a dwellings to sell controlled substances, possession with intent to sell and deliver 2 different controlled substances, an weapon of mass destruction). He was convicted on Feb 7 and sentenced to 2 yrs of probation with the first 9 months 6pm curfew. In 2008 he was violated and served 10-12 months in NC DOC. He was released in April of 2009. This is when he met Keith "Alex  J"Jordan , who just so happened to produce 90% and engineered 100% of his debut album PSALMS 33:3.

The rapper pleads his cause by saying , "ALL these titles and stereotypes I earned by being stubborn to what GOD wanted me to do. When i accepted my task to spread the LORDS truth with my musical talents, everything else fell into place" Izreal ,as he has sir named his self, has been actively employed since ,Oct of 2011, two weeks before he gave his life to Jesus Christ. He is a member of New Bethel Independent Church in Forest City, NC. He credits his complete 180 degree turn around to Jesus Christ.

Sherrod White

maxresdefaultSherrod White announces release date and track list of new EP FRSH X STRT along with New Single "Made It" featuring Hillary Hand.


Atlanta based hip-hop/alternative artist Sherrod White is set release his new EP, FRSH X STRT, on January 29th. 

Sherrod White explained the following about his new project, "With FRSH X STRT the goal is to introduce to those who are unfamiliar with me as well as re-introduce myself to the folks that have been rocking with me from day one to my current sound, new musical direction. Besides a few singles here and there, I haven't released any type of body of work since 2012 and a lot has changed in that time span. I wanted to give the people this project before the full length album comes out, which will be released later this year." 

"The central theme of this project is that we don't have to wait until some significant date, new year or event to happen, to provoke change, be impactful or even strive for greatness. Each new day God graces us to see is truly a fresh start. Even though this is a short project, it's still personal and speaks to the heart of people."

Frsh X Strt Tracklist:

1. Made It (feat. Hillary Hand) [Produced By: Sherrod White, additional production by Tone Jonez]
2. No Silence [Produced By: Sherrod White]
3. Frsh X Strt (feat. Jessica Kent) [Produced By: Tone Jonez]
Production credits:

Song Information: 

Artist: Sherrod White Artist Social Media Information: Song: Made It (FEAT. Hillary Hand)
Writers: Written by Sherrod White
Produced By: Sherrod White; Additional Production: Tone Jonez, Tony Esterly
Licensing:The White Admnistration (ASCAP)
ISRC: TCACE1573752
Album: FRSH X STRT – EP (Releasing 1/29/16)
Label: I Refuse To Be Normal™ 
Format: Hip-Hop/Rap, Urban, Alternative
Release Date: 1/11/16

Artist Social Media Information:

Alycia Levels Moore

More Fight CoverI am excited to announce my second project entitled "More Fight." After having a classmate, two sisters, and a brother make attempts to take their lives, I found myself personally connected to the issue of suicide. In my research I discovered that in certain emographics, mental health issues are taboo to discuss.

As a result, I am partnering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). Through my music and public speaking, myself and AFSP are collaborating to raise awareness around suicide prevention so that people who are dealing with things do not have to do so alone.Together we both desire to inspire people with the hope that they always have MORE FIGHT left to live their best life!