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Kingdom Choice Awards

The Kingdom Choice Awards is now being branded as the nations official award show for Christian Hip Hop/Urban Gospel music. The KCA’s was founded by Kingdom Time Media CEO, Marcus Hall in 2009 and it has been a huge success and a blessing to the entire Urban Gospel fraternity. For the last six years the event has been held at the Kumble Theater on the Long Island University campus, which is located in the Downtown Brooklyn section of New York City (2 blocks away form the world famous Barclay Center).

The KCA’s have honored Hip Hop legends and pioneers such as Mike Peace, Corey RedKurtis Blow, Gospel Gangstaz, Todd Bangz, Da Truth, Pettidee, Tre 9, Aziz Brimah and more. The event has seen some unforgettable epic performances by heavy hitters such as Andy Mineo,Social ClubDMaubSwoope, Bizzle, Brinson, Mahogany JonesGideonz Army, DatinTransparentSean C.JohnsonUncle Reece, R-SwiftGauge, Heesun LeeJaphia Life and many others.The production for the KCA is executed in a spirit of excellence and the show has a very prestigious and professional presentation that gives those in attendance an official award show experience.


The 2015 KCA’s will be held on Saturday September 26th at the Kumble Theater and we’re anticipating another great event!


Young Ecclesia Apparel

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Representing something new or rejuvenated, especially political group or movement

A community of persons who sustained a certain relationship to Jesus Christ, and it existed by virtue of that relationship. The most common term used to describe this institution was ekklesia, which we translate, church.

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The Intervention ( This Must End )

DJ I Rock Jesus Presents The Intervention copy

While watching the local and national news, my heart was so heavy. Many of our young men and women are dying in the streets.  Just a few days ago, a young boy and girl were gunned down in front of their home.  I know everyone sees this.  Many of these killings are a direct result of the choices young people make and in many cases the hurt they experience.  Most of us do not understand or cannot relate.  This is all they  know. They feel there is no other way.  I understand ……  I have made some wrong choices.

 I made a mix tape that can be used as an intervention.  This tape speaks to young people about the choices and the hurt they deal with everyday.  When this tape is ready for release, I will need a team of people to distribute them in their cities. These tapes are free. I need 20,000 cds printed and shipped.  Currently I have orders from Chicago, New York, Texas, California and North Carolina (Dunn, Fayetteville, Raleigh and Wilmington). 

Thank you for your assistance in the distribution of these tapes in your city. 





Andy Mineo brings new faces to the studio for new album

Andy Mineo spent four days in the studio working on his new album in Los Angeles this week, according to his team's social media accounts. 


Reach Records producers Alex Medina, Gawvi and Joseph Prielozny appeared in several tweeted photographs. Medina and Prielozny played large roles on Mineo's debut album Heroes for Sale — producing a total of six tracks — while Gawvi produced the third single of the project, "You Will."

Wordsplayed and Natalie Lauren also made appearances. Wordsplayed collaborated with Mineo on the hit single "Martinelli's" that they released in late December.

Established artists who do not frequently collaborate with Christian rappers also found themselves in the studio with Mineo. For those unfamiliar, here is a quick introduction.

illmindSuper producer Illmind isn't new to Christian hip hop. In 2004, he produced the song "Nobody" on Braille's album Shades of Grey. The following year, he produced the whole album The Art of Onemind with Symbolyc One, who recently interviewed at SXSW 2015.

The vast majority of his production credits, though, have come working with artists not associated with Christian hip hop. Over the last few years, he's produced songs for J. Cole, Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music and 50 Cent. His long list of prominent collaborators also includes Common, Scarface and KRS-One.

Illmind spent all four days in the studio with Mineo and company, so he should play a large role on the upcoming Reach release.



Jonathan Guzman (a.k.a. Jay Pod) grew up in the streets of Lawrence, Massachusetts. He did not grow up in a religious household, nor did he ever have any understanding of who God is.

jay-pod-your-all-i-live-for copy

Generally quiet and reserved, Jay Pod developed a deep connection to music and was never seen without his I-pod and headphones blaring. People started to call him Jay Pod for this very reason. The name stuck. Zoned out to music he could relate to, Jay Pod viewed it as a means of an escape from all life’s chaos. When he was not isolated from the world with music, Jay Pod was introduced to a false hope in drugs and a life of stealing to add to his escape. After meeting his best friend, Mario Filpo (a.k.a Anomolous), Jay Pod’s love for music only intensified. The two began writing music together and poured out their pain and stress into their songs. After much inspiration and collaborating, the duo eventually formed the group “Street Rhymaz,” merely adding to the music industry’s senseless noise of drugs and violence. Never fully satisfied, and almost at the point of dropping out of school, Jay Pod was destroyed one day by the power of the Gospel and soon after surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. It was not too long after Anomolous would follow in his footsteps. Jay Pod now channels his passion to write songs that share his story, in hopes that those seeking an escape from all of life’s doubts and troubles as he once did, will be impacted by the message that forever changed his life.

Your all I live for (prod by Skrip)

(Verse 1)
Thinking back to them old days baggy clothes with them fresh jays!
Straight out the north from that Lawtown down south to that Florida state yea
Met a new cat like who that stepping in with them dope sound white tees and them nike's
Thats white on white on the up towns yea
Never had that dough
So he rocked them things till they creased up
And then he learned the drug game and learned to chase fame before he learned about Jesus
What a shame, started out stealing ended up on the block dealing others like no hope with him another lost case so just forget him killing all in his raps
And if there's beef then let the guns clap
Yea his old tracks used to sound like this until he met The Lord and now he sounds like this

(Hook 1)
Your all I live for live for
Yea your all I live for live for
Used To live for the streets like

(Verse 2)
Everybody knows a bad chick
And I remember one I tried to get with!
But I got denied and she told me that we could be friends!
Dang yea I got played ok
Let me tell you how her story ends
Straight As on them school days  catch her clubbing on the weekends!
And she loving it, out with a group of her bad friends
That attention they getting it
And that's every place that they stepping in
So it's what they living for
And they popping it and they getting low to they favorite song
And if you ask them it ain't nothing wrong they just having fun
But then one day she met The Lord and never been the same
Left the life of the club to live for that name yea that song changed like!

(Hook 2)
Your all I live for live for
Yea your all I live for live for
Used to live for the club like
But now!