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This mix tape is for the hurting people know that they need to let go the drugs, pain, hatred, hurt, guilt, Unforgiveness,abuse & ect.

There so much we need to let go for myself I had to Let Go my anger at God when my wife and brother died.
I was so anger with God I did not wanted have anything to do with church. I didn't even wanted to pray because doing the time my wife was in the hospital going through the treatment for cancer I was praying and believing for her healing.

When she died I was……well let me tell you I was not saying nice things but at the same time my brother was going his treatment for cancer and I had to visit him and try to tell him that God was going to heal him…..and a few months later he died, but God’s Grace is so amazing evening me not talking to him for awhile .He still pore his love on me.

I not going to talk about everything but let me tell you.When I let go all that I was dealing with and gave it to God that was the first time I truly felt God’s Love.

So like the song by Uncle Reece-Other Side that is track 7 that is truly what he did.


So I pray that this mix tape bless you and help you. Please if any song on this mix tape bless you please share it with the artist


DJ I Rock Jesus Presents Let It Go this one

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 The lack of male images for young men to model themselves after ultimately will cripple the family structure and the worship experience of the local church. In this message, Felix Moten uses the story of Joshua leading the Israelites through the Jordan river while 12 leaders from each tribe held up the Ark of the Covenant to address the need for partriarchal models in the body of the local church. 

D-MAUB – I’m Me (@dmaub @onerouteent @rapzilla)

This video has some seriously dope effects, and a good message!

Kre8tor has just released his 3rd album entitled “Losing My Religion”

kre8tor1Download "Losing My Religion" Album


Download Classic Corey Red Mix tape Now!!

Download Classic Corey Red Mix tape Now!!
I truly enjoyed doing this mix tape.Corey Red is one of the illest Mc’s Out today.When you listen to this mix tape you will understand what I am talking about.Even though these are some of his classic joint’s.

The music speaks about what is going on today in the world.So if you have not downloaded this mix tape all I can say is……WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! 

Get ready the because you have not heard anything yet!!


HillaryJane – Celebrity ft. Thi’sl


Produced by 808XEliTE | Mixed & Mastered by "Edy Magic" for JahRock'n Recording Studios | As a society we struggle with valuing fame and fortune over everything else. On "Celebrity", HillaryJane and guest Thi'sl bring listeners a satirical banger about possessions that can't fulfill our desire for true happiness. Pounding drums from the production of Grammy Award winning duo 808XEliTE set the tone and help drive the point home. The debut EP, 'Stix and Stones' by HillaryJane, releases via Infiltrate Music on July 29th. You can buy "Celebrity" on iTunes now or pre-order the EP and get 3 singles immediately.