DJ Load’Em Up, born Stephon Fuentes, has been DJ’ing since early ‘99. It all started in his home town of Jamaica Queens, New York. He would stay up all night listening to New Yorks #1 hip hop and RnB radio station, Hot 97. That’s where he would hear DJ’s such as Funkmaster Flex, DJ Red Alert, Cocoa Chanell, Da Beatminerz, and DJ Clue. Load’Em Up had shoe boxes full of cassette tapes of late night recordings of his favorite DJ’s on Hot 97. Then came the urge to learn how to cut and scratch his favorite songs like the pro’s.

In December of ‘98, he had finally obtained DJ equipment for Christmas. LoadEm Up then put in many hours and years in practicing. He would go as far as watching videos of DJ’s online, watching their hand movements very closely and then he would mimic them. Load’Em Up finally decided that it was time for him to expose the talent that he worked so hard for. By this time, he has moved to North Carolina.

Time went on and Load’Em Up continued practicing and DJ’ing for various events to gain exposure. Now Load’Em Up is reaching higher for success as a DJ. He became a mix master on WIKS 101.9 Kiss Fm in New Bern, NC and learned the ropes of radio. That experience helped Load’Em Up establish a solid name and get booked for bigger events.

He is continuously learning and developing new techniques to enhance his services. Currently working with a company brand, Vyzion, He has been able to stay busy with graphic work as well as mixing for fans across the world via Vyzion Internet Radio. Of course Load’Em Up isn’t stopping there, He is striving to be the best at what he does and to establish a name such has his role model DJ’s from Hot 97.

So make sure you keep an eye out for the name, DJ Load’Em Up, ‘cuz he’s not letting anything come between him and success. He is currently working on new projects that will help him reach the goal of being a complete success. Also check out the mixtapes that he will be letting loose on the music page.





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